Why Do Men Love Costa Rica Women?

Costa Rican women have drastically changed from how they were seen in the past. Yes, we can still observe some wearing their values in a traditional role but nowadays, they’ve become more modern and more refined. “Ticas,” as they call themselves, are now treated well and are no longer considered the weaker gender; whereas in the past, they had limited roles in society.

With regard to values dealing with sex, marriage, and family, Costa Rican women still have a significant attachment to a conventional role as a wife. They are very passionate about their partner. They value family more than anything and dream of becoming a good wife. Building a happy home is the ultimate dream of every ticas in Costa Rica.

Costa Rican women prefer older men. They are after genuine love, and less about taking the wealth of a man. That’s just how ticas prefer online dating. In Costa Rica, women now are more independent as most of them got a decent job. They can support themselves and their family. They are now more confident than ever and more mature. And above all that, women in Costa Rica still possess a heart that every man desires.

In order to win the hearts of Costa Rican women, you need to understand the values that they have so you can plan your next move when courting them. Being a gentleman is always a plus. Opening a door for her gives a positive impression, and as ticas do not like a passive date, you need to be selfless and active in giving her your full attention. Creativity can also be a factor in winning a tican’s heart. You don’t have to show off and blow your bank account just to impress her. A romantic walk on the shoreline together and a meaningful conversation will do the trick. Lastly, make your intentions as clear as possible and just be yourself.

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