Top 5 Amazing Facts About Costa Rica Women (Why Date Them?)

Costa Rica women, often called as “Ticas”, are naturally known to be the top contenders for beauty in Central America. They have garnered titles in beauty pageants, even earned respect in the field of cultural and traditional practices. But aside from these truthful scoops, what made these foreign women date worthy? What made them stand out in the successful venture of Costa Rica’s tourism? What made the people of the country the highly-valued personals in making their place a fitting sojourn for everyone?

To suffice the questions given, here are the top 5 amazing facts about Costa Rica women

Ticas are naturally beautiful.


From their appealing, black hairs, sexy bodies, perfectly tanned skin tone, and goddess like picturesque, you can never take your eyes off from any Tica. These women are naturally beautiful. Their almost-perfect slender bodies which they confidently show off in any Costa Rica beaches will not just attract you but drool in an instant. These hot Ticas, together with the allure they bring in your sight may be just the perfect women you’ll entrust to in both companionship and affection. If you need supporting ideas regarding their stance for beauty and glamour, feel free to visit these hot Costa Rica women’s profiles and know more about Costa Rica tours.

They value men’s worth.

One of the hardest things to earn from women is probably their sense of merit toward a man, in other word “value”. You cannot just say a woman values you if she has found the time to be with you, to hang out with you. To say she values you is an understatement. Proving so will approve that deliberating concept. For Costa Rica women, there is no need to show you are a great catch. It is natural for them to value someone even if it’s your first time to meet them. They know how to acknowledge and are appreciative women. It is their tradition and etiquettes that taught them to give worth to any personals, stranger or not.

Traditional and Family-Oriented.


Some has regarded Ticas to be liberal. It might be true, but this doesn’t change the fact that these women are both traditional and family-oriented. With the country’s religious background, women tend to follow principles in making them highly-valued and respected beings. The tradition which kept them ethical allowed them to be family-oriented. This means that Ticas love their families. They believe that families should be the first to any substantial ownerships. They believe that raising a good bar in their families will earn them enough respect and love in their stance.

Loyal and Trustworthy.

Mostly, women in all across the globe, are considered to be loyal and trustworthy. Just like the women in Southern America, who are known for being loyalists, Costa Rica ladies couldn’t be more prouder of their attitude in regards to this. They know how to be faithful to their partners, even if long distance relationships are involved with this. It is also their culture that made them faithful individuals, where infidelity has never been an issue. So if you are planning to date a Tica, you’ll be relieved to know of their loyalty and integrity.


Based on being family-oriented individuals, you can assure that Costa Rica brides are marriage-minded also. A marriage-minded woman represents the true meaning of love and affection. They believe that marriage should be nourished with love and passion. Raising kids, taking care of the husband, doing household chores are some of the ways and basis to say that these women are marriage-minded. They tend to be marriage ideals in creating a home full of respect and joy. They make sure happiness is inside and a mixture of beautiful atmosphere at home.


Consider these facts if you wish on dating Ticas. All the details given, together with the testimonials and record about successful interracial marriages involving Costa Rica women is enough to say that they are date worthy and marriage ideals. Make your own experience and allow yourselves to indulge with the beauty and glamour of Costa Rica women.




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