Top 5 Natural Sceneries in Costa Rica


Dubbed as ‘the happiest country in the world’, Costa Rica is a rainforested country known for its beaches, volcanoes and diversity. Technically, a part of its area is composed of protected jungles teeming with wildlife. It has become known due to its natural sceneries. Costa Rica tops the list of the world’s most-visited countries for honeymoons since there are countless of romantic things in there. If you are looking for romantic destinations to rekindle your relationship or just want to spend a vacation with your loved one, Costa Rica offers you the perfect mix of adventure and intimacy in one. Here are the top 5 must-visit destinations to bring the woman you love:


  • Playa Espadilla:


It is the crest destination among everything in Costa Rica for most couples. The beaches found at Manuel Antonio are some of the cleanest ones with bright blue waters, soft and white sand, with the most beautiful view especially when you get to see the sunset. Playa Espadilla is one of the most beautiful hidden beaches in Costa Rica. You will get to experience the best summer getaway in here. Also, dating Costa Rica women can also mean having a blast while hiking through beaches and jungles surrounded by wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park. Worry no more about where to stay because here, you can find the most luxurious hotels which are perfect for such romantic getaways.

  • La Paz Waterfall Gardens:


La Paz Waterfall is a place that truly captures the essence of Costa Rica itself. It is considered as the most famous waterfall in the entire Costa Rica where tourists often stop to take photos. Visit now the world’s largest butterfly exhibit found in Costa Rica! Aside from that, you can also find hummingbirds and bromeliad gardens, a serpentarium, frog pond, trout lake lodging at the Peace Lodge, two restaurants, gift shop, an orchid terrace and five striking waterfalls at La Paz Waterfall. The platforms along its trail can give you a luxury of viewing the entire waterfalls from above, below or even the center. If you get hungry while enjoying the place, you can go to the trout lake and find a restaurant to get your own meal.

  • Gulf of Papagayo:

For couples who love beach getaways, this beach is the place to go. It has beautiful hidden beaches in Guanacaste. You shouldn’t worry about the weather because Costa Rica has most sunny days and clear days. Here, you can find many all-inclusive beachfront resorts. Some include Secrets, Four Seasons, Andaz Papagayo, and Occidental Papagayo. For honeymoon trips, this place has the best resort options. Also, they have the best snorkelling spots!

  • Catarata del Toro:


Costa Rica has something to boast also when it comes to its waterfalls. Catarata Del Toro is Costa Rica’s biggest and most impressive waterfall. From its lookouts, flora and fauna and rock formations, it is really breathtaking! Not just that, if you stay at the top of it, you will get to have an unforgettable experience by enjoying the forest, garden and hummingbirds circling around your head. There is nothing you could ask for with all the aforementioned.

  • Lake Arenal and Arenal Volcano:


If you are not impressed by the volcano or just couldn’t see it from afar, you can take a ride around Lake Arenal, which is the largest lake in Costa Rica. It is twenty miles long. By doing so, you can have a wonderful view of the countryside. Arenal Volcano is currently in a passive phase. It is closely and constantly monitored for the safety of tourists and local residents. On the other hand, the lake’s water is warm, so it is fine for swimming. However, the most popular activities in the said lake are sailing, windsurfing and fishing. Here, you can have an exciting adventure together with your Costa Rican date.  

So what are you waiting for? Look through these best places for dating and find out which one perfectly suits your taste and that of your special someone’s. What Costa Rica offers you is an undying beauty with incredible scenic views. If you are into adventures, Costa Rica is the way to go. Visit the country with the hope of finding your potential bride among gorgeous Costa Rica women.


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