Dating Costa Rican Women — the Happiest People in the World

Why are Costa Rican Women the Happiest in the World?

Costa Rican women happily performing their traditional dance.

The “Land of the Ticos” has been named as the most sustainably happy country in the world, according to the Happy Planet Index’s survey conducted in 2016.

The Happy Planet Index is an organization which seeks to move away from purely economic measures of happiness, but instead by how much happier people get from the number of environmental resources used. There are three criteria used to determine the rankings — life expectancy, experienced well-being, and ecological footprint.

Costa Rica ranks number one among hundreds of countries in the world. It’s also worth noting that Latin American countries topped the list, leaving the UK and USA behind. If you are planning to settle in the land of your Costa Rican Tica, prepare yourself for a long and happy life with her.

Keep your eyes on this article, as we divulge the secrets of Costa Rican’s incomparable happiness and why you should date a Tica:


  • A laid-back life in a tropical paradise.


When you travel to Costa Rica, you will experience a provincial lifestyle, wherein there’s no need to rush through your day. You get to experience the tropical serenity of their gorgeous beaches, lush mountains, and diverse wildlife.

Due to their environment, Costa Ricans enjoy a slower pace of life; which means living a life with lesser levels of stress compared with other countries. The tropical climate maintains a warm and welcoming vibe to tourists and locals alike, so if you’re dating a Costa Rican girl, you can expect her to be just as laidback and easygoing.


  • Costa Ricans have a high life expectancy of 78.5 years.


An amazing fact about Costa Rica is its excellent health care system, which offers high-quality care at an affordable price. It’s estimated that their health care providers offer 1/3 to 1/5 of equivalent service in the USA. The government invests in upgrading medical facilities and training, allowing medical care to become available to all.

This is one of the reasons why the country, particularly in Nicoya, has been identified as the world’s Blue Zone. The Blue Zone is comprised of five regions that are said to have validated longevity.

Costa Rican women believe that taking care of themselves is paramount to their overall happiness — a trait that you will most likely pick up when you’re going out with one.


  • Good diet and a healthy lifestyle.


The country is known for having a bountiful supply of crops and fruits, which Costa Rican women use for preparing healthy meals. A typical Costa Rican meal consists of fiber-rich beans and rice called, Gallo Pinto.

Gallo Pinto is served with ample proportions of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables. Generally, they prepare food with fewer preservatives, with a focus on meticulous taste, keeping mild spiciness and sourness.

A Costa Rican girl eats in proportion and with the conscious choice of dish, which means she will expect her partner to do the same.


  • The blessing of nature and stewardship.  


Costa Rica holds nearly 6% of the world’s biodiversity, despite having only 0.03% of the earth’s surface. It has been gifted with natural wealth — both in species and ecosystems. The blessing of nature bestowed upon them comes the responsibility to keep and nurture it.

The nation is a leader in ecological sustainability. The government has paved the way towards developing the country to be carbon neutral by 2021. In line with this, Costa Rica has a massive tree-planting program and is converting the land into forests. Being a home of grateful people towards nature, Costa Ricans love and protect their environment.

They believe that the environment plays a big part in health and wealth, and it’s likely that your Costa Rican girl was raised in a family with high environmental consciousness. So don’t be surprised if your Tica girlfriend asks you to join eco-friendly activities or events with her.


  • Pura Vida, a life with less drama.


Before you fly to Costa Rica, one term you should be familiar with is “Pura Vida”. When translated, it simply means “simple life” or “pure life”, but for the locals, it’s more than just a saying — it’s a way of life.

This is the concept of slowing down to enjoy life; allowing negativity to just roll off your back and relaxing your expectations. It’s likely one of the reasons why the country has the healthiest and happiest culture in the world.

When dating a Tica, you can expect her to prefer a relationship that’s less drama and more peace. In Costa Rica dating culture, women are taught to be loyal and easygoing. When a Tica has a misunderstanding with her partner, she will work to work things out instead of lashing out in anger or walking away.

In general, Costa Ricans don’t dwell too much on things and no argument lasts more than three days with a loved one. These people believe that holding grudges and refusing forgiveness can hinder a happy and fulfilling life.

Following their mantra of Pura Vida, Costa Rican women live a life of less drama and instead, choose to focus on their own personal health and wellbeing. This, coupled with the mentioned aspects above, are why they are the happiest people in the world.

If you’re looking to add some sunshine into your love life, travel to Costa Rica to find your very own Tica bride through our site today!

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