Romantic Date Ideas with a Beautiful Tica

5 Must-Try Local Date Ideas with your Tica

The only thing more beautiful than Costa Rica, whose lovely landscape encompasses 5% of the planet’s biodiversity, are the Ticas who live there. This Central American paradise includes a top five Blue Zone and is regarded as one of the happiest countries in the world. Tourists from around the world are drawn by these factors, and many more, to the Land of the Ticos (Costa Ricans affectionately call themselves Tico and Tica).

While visiting Costa Rica solo is possible, there are tours available. If you would like to combine your exotic vacation with the chance to meet exotic ladies, certain Matchmaking service providers organize singles’ tours to Costa Rica. The best providers offer full-service package tour options to the top travel destinations in the country and the best possible accommodations. After all, the only thing better than stunning sights is seeing them with stunning Costa Rican women.  

Whether touring, dating or combining the two, here are five must-try activities with a Tica in her native land:  

Visit a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica with your beautiful Tica.


  1. Visit a Sloth Sanctuary.

In the heart of Costa Rica’s jungles dwell the sleepiest, slowest-moving (and perhaps most adorable) mammals. Visiting the sloth rehabilitation center in the village of Cahuita will give you real-life experience with these interesting animals.  A fun and informative introduction await you concerning how they live, why they are unique, and how human contact affects them.

You can also see sloths up-close, in their natural habitat, during a 45-minute canoe ride. This adventure is included in the Buttercup tour package. Your sturdy fiberglass canoe can accommodate six guests, including you and your Tica.

A boatman or local guide will take you along the shallow Estrella River. The protected lowland rainforest flora and fauna you experience there will really help you appreciate the beauty of Costa Rica. Enjoying it with your Tica will be a bonding experience that really helps her to appreciate you.

  1. Hike in the Land of Strays, Territorio de Zaguates.

Among dogs that are placed in shelters, purebred dogs are greatly favored for adoption over their crossbred counterparts. At Territorio de Zaguates, however, mutts have found their home and are celebrated for their one-of-a-kind traits. This stray dog sanctuary seeks to dispel the myth that purebreds are somehow more valuable.

Territorio de Zaguates or “Land of the Strays” is a privately funded, volunteer-run organization. Their extraordinary dog shelter is located in the mountains above Heredia Costa Rica, just an hour from downtown San José.  

If you happen to meet single Costa Rica women who love dogs, this place could be your spot. It’ll be a date a Tica will thoroughly enjoy while supporting a noble cause and being impressed by your compassion.  

  1. Pass the Tarcoles Bridge

Despite being known as the country’s most polluted basin; the Tarcoles River is considered one of Costa Rica’s major tourist attractions. It also has one of the densest crocodile populations in the world for a river, with 25 crocodiles per square kilometer.

You can observe these massive reptiles from the Tarcoles Bridge. You can have a more immersive experience by taking a boat tour together with your Tica.  This will give you the opportunity to see these magnificent beasts up close and show her how brave you are.

  1. Go night kayaking in bioluminescent water.

Take in a dazzling display of nature’s brilliance in the bioluminescent waters of Bahia Beach for a truly fascinating date experience. Bioluminescence is a phenomenon that can be observed in only five locations on the entire planet. One of these is Costa Rica’s Bahia Beach where you can immerse yourself in a naturally lighted romantic romp year-round.

Night kayaking is A must-do activity with stunning Costa Rican women in Bahia Beach. The effect of every paddle stroke leaving a glowing swirl of bluish light behind will leave you enchanted.

Photographs hardly do the beauty of this place justice, so just visit it in-person with your Tica.

  1. Take a mud bath.  

Having over 200 volcanic formations, Costa Rica contains a number of hot springs and mud baths.

The mud in Costa Rica’s thermal parks comes from volcanic ash. This ash is high in minerals and vitamins that are great for your skin and body. It detoxifies your skin while softening it, improves circulation, soothes sore or tired muscles and joints, and can plunge you deep into relaxation.  

So those are the 5 must-try activities with your stunning Tica while in her native land. Costa Rican women are true romantics and appreciate men who appreciate their nation. They don’t need extravagant and lavish dates. A simple tour around their beautiful country will make her a happy camper and you even happier.

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