A Quick Overview of The Rich Coast

Costa Rica is a beautiful, progressive, and peaceful country that lies in the heart of Latin Central America. Literally Costa translated as the rich coast, this tropical country is composed of several provinces with San Jose as its capital. Its rich rainforest, hot springs, beautiful volcanoes, beaches, waterfalls. And national parks attract millions of people to the region each year.

Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been considered the most visited nation in Central America. It was reported to have housed close to 3 million foreign visitors a few years ago. In fact, some of these visitors have even ended up with Costa Rican brides.

Moreover, this Latin American nation also takes pride in being a pioneer in ecotourism. Tourists in Costa Rica easily fall in love with the many untouched natural areas within the country. The rise of tourism in Costa Rica paved the way for 200,000 jobs to open. Indeed, the boom in its tourism industry has greatly helped the country’s economy.

People in Costa Rica

People in Costa Rica regard themselves as polite and in touch with culture. It is common for everyone to treat others with utmost respect expressed through gestures. However, gossiping among relatives and neighbors are just as common as it seems to be a source of news for people in their local community.


Women of Costa Rica are beautiful inside and out. Aside from their attractive appearance, they are responsible and competent when it comes to child rearing, food preparation, as well as in cleaning. These duties have been part and parcel of the role of women in their culture for so many years.

Today, traditional responsibilities of these women are now combined with education and work. Although business and politics are dominated mainly by men, women are now rising up in these sections.

In general, Costa Ricans, especially Costa Rican women, are romantic, family-oriented, and down to earth.

Culture of Costa Rica

Generally, Costa Ricans are happy people. They have been regarded as the happiest country in the world  by National Geographic in 2017 stating that Costa Ricans tend to live their life to the fullest which serves as their way of mitigating stress and maximizing joy.

Catholicism remains as the dominant religion in Costa Rica. It plays an important part in their everyday language. Costa Rica is also rich in terms of literature and arts as can be seen in their novels, playwrights, and music.

Macho customs and practices are still prevalent in Costa Rica considering the fact that their society took on a patriarchal setup for many years. However, women in the community are on the rise as well so as to keep up with the change of times.

In terms of family, living with extended families is very common for Costa Ricans as in other country with Spanish influence. As mentioned, they are very family-oriented. This is exactly what makes them perfect as romantic partners. They prioritize their families and  they are guaranteed to show genuine love.



Costa Rican Facts You Might Not Know

8 Interesting Costa Rican Facts You Might Not Know

One of the best places in Central America is the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Many tourists flock to it for its ecological wonders and heritage sites. In addition to its popular vacation spots, Costa Rica also offers its amazing culture for people to experience. But more than that, Costa Rica has its unique traditions that you won’t easily see in other countries you visit.

Take a look at these Costa Rican facts that you may not be aware of that you will surely find amusing. Continue reading “Costa Rican Facts You Might Not Know”

Costa Rica and Its Women | What to Expect in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known to be a haven for peace and biodiversity. The country is internationally recognized for its beautiful beaches and rich culture. It is also called Republic of Costa Rica; it is located in Central America. The country’s culture is a mixture of indigenous heritages and influences from different parts of the world.

The national language is Spanish, which originally came from the Spanish conquerors, but many of the population can also speak English, Bribri, and Mandarin Chinese. Immigrant cultures such as Jamaican, Chinese and others play a role in the country’s culture leaving its people to be friendly, carefree and happy. This small nation takes pride in having no army and their long history of public services such as
openly available education and healthcare.

Continue reading “Costa Rica and Its Women | What to Expect in Costa Rica”

Why Do Men Love Costa Rica Women?

Costa Rican women have drastically changed from how they were seen in the past. Yes, we can still observe some wearing their values in a traditional role but nowadays, they’ve become more modern and more refined. “Ticas,” as they call themselves, are now treated well and are no longer considered the weaker gender; whereas in the past, they had limited roles in society.

With regard to values dealing with sex, marriage, and family, Costa Rican women still have a significant attachment to a conventional role as a wife. They are very passionate about their partner. They value family more than anything and dream of becoming a good wife. Building a happy home is the ultimate dream of every ticas in Costa Rica. Continue reading “Why Do Men Love Costa Rica Women?”

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