Costa Rican Facts You Might Not Know

8 Interesting Costa Rican Facts You Might Not Know

One of the best places in Central America is the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Many tourists flock to it for its ecological wonders and heritage sites. In addition to its popular vacation spots, Costa Rica also offers its amazing culture for people to experience. But more than that, Costa Rica has its unique traditions that you won’t easily see in other countries you visit.

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Costa Rica and Its Women | What to Expect in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known to be a haven for peace and biodiversity. The country is internationally recognized for its beautiful beaches and rich culture. It is also called Republic of Costa Rica; it is located in Central America. The country’s culture is a mixture of indigenous heritages and influences from different parts of the world.

The national language is Spanish, which originally came from the Spanish conquerors, but many of the population can also speak English, Bribri, and Mandarin Chinese. Immigrant cultures such as Jamaican, Chinese and others play a role in the country’s culture leaving its people to be friendly, carefree and happy. This small nation takes pride in having no army and their long history of public services such as
openly available education and healthcare.

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Why Do Men Love Costa Rica Women?

Costa Rican women have drastically changed from how they were seen in the past. Yes, we can still observe some wearing their values in a traditional role but nowadays, they’ve become more modern and more refined. “Ticas,” as they call themselves, are now treated well and are no longer considered the weaker gender; whereas in the past, they had limited roles in society.

With regard to values dealing with sex, marriage, and family, Costa Rican women still have a significant attachment to a conventional role as a wife. They are very passionate about their partner. They value family more than anything and dream of becoming a good wife. Building a happy home is the ultimate dream of every ticas in Costa Rica. Continue reading “Why Do Men Love Costa Rica Women?”

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